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Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Adult Reading

Dear Mom & Dad,

I know you are two of the only people who faithfully read my blog so I just want to warn you and any other readers who are not fans of *ahem* adult content to skip this post. Or rather, the links in this post. I'm not planning on writing a particularly racy blog.


And for the rest of my readers (all two of them) let me tell you about the very sexy zine published by Tia Tormen.

If you check out her site you can see all kinds of need stuff, from photography to her Villainous Vixens series:

There are current three magazine style books in this series, all available on Tia's website or at Eljay's Books in Dormont. The format is part photo, part comic and definitely displays as much sense of humor as it does skin.

As always, thanks for reading!